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Title : AMC Mail Bag - Hugh Jackman as Batman? Did Will Smith Turn Down THE MATRIX?
Description : On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Sunday August 10th, 2013) we discuss the following user-submitted questions:

Josh Van Sprang writes: Hey guys been watching the show for a while, keep up the great work. Just watched "The Wolverine" loved the movie was just thinking to myself what a great actor Hugh Jackman is. I know with the new Batman vs Superman they're looking for more older / season Batman, what are your thoughts on possibly Jackman filling the role?

David Cintron writes: Greetings and salutations AMC Super friends, I was hoping you could confirm something I came across years ago. I heard Will Smith had turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix to work on Wild Wild West. Is this true? And if so, How would the butterfly effect of this decision effect his and Keanu Reeves' careers in the hypothetical alternate universe?

Josh Nestor writes: Hi guys, love the show! I was backtracking a few episodes that I missed and in one of them John you mentioned that you wouldn't mind if they remade LotR after Peter Jackson finishes The Hobbit trilogy. If that's the case then you wouldn't mind Disney remaking Star Wars down the road after Episodes 7-9 are finished. However, John, if you say no then your being hypocritical; and half the reason I'm bringing this up is because to those of us who didn't grow up seeing Star Wars as they came out, LotR is that untouchable trilogy. Just want to hear your thoughts. Keep up the Great work!

Melissa Tran writes: Hey John, I love the show! Me and boyfriend watch it almost every day and then argue over stuff you said! Anyway, I was just wondering if you've seen the interviews Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer and Armie Hammer did where they essentially blame film critics for the failure of The Lone Ranger? If so, what do you make of their comments? Do they have a point?

Andrew G writes: Hi, AMC! Love listening to you guys, thanks for keeping me up to speed. I just had a question on 2008's "The Incredible Hulk," and it's relevancy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When that movie ended, a couple big ol' plot threads were left hanging - The Abomination was still alive, and Tim Blake Nelson had presumably been transformed into The Leader. What with the casting shift from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo, and the so-so performance of "The Incredible Hulk" in theaters, do you think there's any chance Marvel will examine those dangling threads in Phase 3 or beyond? Or should we all pretend that "The Incredible Hulk" never happened? Thanks!

Jordon McKee writes: Hey guys! Thank you for being so great every episode and bringing so much enthusiasm to the movie news world! Love you guys! My question is about the 'Ender's Game' trailers that have recently come out. Having read the book I feel like they show too much of the story in the trailers. In fact they basically tell the entire story in a mere minute. Would you agree or am I being too critical because of my view through an Ender's Game fanboy point-of-view?

Nick Cooper writes: I have noticed a trend in recent weeks. Why are some movies premiering on Wednesdays now?? Are they just trying to be #1 at the box office? Do the studios not have faith that the movie will do well in the normal Friday opening? Thoughts. Thanks.

Isaiah writes: If the Lego Movie becomes a big hit, do you think Warner Bro's will make a Lego Justice League movie since Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman will have cameos in the movie?
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